The Impossible Dream




“There are cultures which can only picture their origins and not their ends. Some are obsessed with both. Two other positions are possible: only picturing one’s end- our own culture; picturing neither beginning nor end- the coming culture.” -Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories

it was nothing special, it was just that Louis used to rape me on the porch swing after Dorothy had driven into town . . . I rented out my little pussy for no money and afterward, he always wept and tried to untangle the knot of chewing gum in my hair . . . there was nothing left to cry about except America would keep on fucking me and all fathers want to fuck their daughters and most of them do and only a minority refrain and it’s not clear why except the world is always one long yearning to go back.”- Valerie Solanas

Late September, Early October, 2019.


The country known as the United States of America has an abundance of problems ahead. It has somehow lasted two and a half centuries, with a hot civil war and two major world wars. By the end of the Cold War, politicians were surprised to see the unfolding of the USSR, leading to the question of “what to do next?” It didn’t take them long to answer this question, for then came 9/11 and the refusal of global order, “So, at Ground Zero, in the rubble of global power, we can only, find our own image.[1] Americans are either drowning in empathy and overwhelmed with different stages of indifference, seeing Evil so much that it crushes any hope for redemption, “we find ourselves psychologically shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl, with billions of other people.”[2]. The Internet itself is a domain and global communication networks which expands by wired, wireless and sneaker-netted connectors[3] This Global Village, as McLuhan referred to it causes a lack of privacy, a poisonous dynamic where its making everyone uncomfortable with everyone else’s opinion, jarring moral madness by finding oneself into a prison of ideas.

Where do you even begin? Economic uncertainty is a warning sign of a stagnant dystopia where all trust in financial markets is disappearing as resources become scarce. Governments that are aware of this growing divide by using its citizens against themselves and weaponize/dismantle resistance by recycling ideologies on social media, resulting in an opportunity for open-sourced insurgents to take advantage of the chaos that surrounds current events. “the aim is no longer to transform the world, but (as heresies of the day) to radicalize the world by sacrifice.”. [4]  This only works because there’s a nonlinear model of history, and interpretations of events are overwhelmed with competing information centers.

Politically, America itself is under a cold civil war. The 2016 election makes one realize this metaphor; “We elected the ultimate male class clown in a symbolic confrontation with the ultimate female HR director” [5]. The ventriloquists of these puppets exist in under two positions, a neoliberal global order where parastatal formations (NGO’s, private security agencies, morality campaigns, government policymakers, and property developers) act in accordance with maintaining their embedded networks versus transnational populist movements and their security networks[6]. What was once assumed as a binary conflict now just blurs all differences of opinions everywhere else in America itself, reinvigorating tribal instincts that were otherwise contained through reading literature. Media helps in sparking chaos while playing a game a chance with every person in existence “The media toss around sense and nonsense; they manipulate in every sense at once. No one can control this process: the media are the vehicle for the simulation which belongs to the system and for the simulation which destroys the system, according to a circular logic.”[7]

As the illusion of political war continues, Americans are also experiencing one crisis after another. Rent eats up half of the income of most Americans[8] , making housing is unaffordable for younger and future generations.  Suicide rates reach an all-time high among teens[9], Opioid Crisis that affects millions[10], catastrophic natural disasters blamed by climate change, and immigration are among the many issues facing everyone. These complex problems are so many to choose from, that by deciding to take action against all of them is an act of irrational impossibility. The experts that dictate the future of civilization via decision-making don’t have the experience to deal with simultaneous collapse other than “educated guesses.”  The decisions result in a decline of trust, family, community, and wellbeing that sets the precondition for a post-apocalyptic world without the need for nuclear annihilation. “The theory of catabolic collapse, explains the breakdown of complex societies as the result of the self-reinforcing cycle of decline driven by interactions among resources, capital, production, and waste.”[11]


Instead of praying in solidarity, one needs to maintain a proactive stance while protecting the most important illusion, memories. Memories remind us of our experiences, they remind us of the pain that a person deals with. These changes help develop and make us focused on communities

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